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22 august 2022
Optimising management of patients with ACC: An expert discussion

It is our pleasure to share with you the webinar entitled ‘Optimising management of patients with ACC: An expert discussion’ with the 2 experts Prof. Massimo Terzolo and Prof. Tina Dusek.

The webinar is divided as follows:

  • Mitotane treatment
    • How to start mitotane treatment?
    • Why and how to monitor mitotanemia levels?
  • Side effects
    • What are the frequent non-endocrine and endocrine side effects and how to manage them?
  • Duration of mitotane treatment
  • Summary & conclusions


The video is not classified as promotional because not branded (no mention of Lysodren nor its logo) and there are no marketing claims.

The content consists of medical and scientific information that can contribute to the improvement of patient care and improve the knowledge of HCPs.


It is recommended to add the following statement: « Before prescribing any product, always refer to the SmPC or product information approved in [your local country]»


This webinar can be used either on a third party’s platform or during small meetings where you can run all or part of the video and open the discussion with physicians.


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