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MAINTRAC is a service designed to give back to patients suffering from cancer something they thought they’d lost: control over their health status. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and the doctor recommended the surgical removal of the tumor, followed by chemotherapy, you can start thinking about putting the Maintrac test to work, to your benefit.

Maintrac can do two extraordinary things – it counts circulating tumor cells (these cells are released into the blood by tumors) and the chemosensitivity test, i.e., the identification of the best suited therapy prior to its systemic administration..

Maintrac concretely answers the following questions:
  • What tumor cells are left in my blood after surgery?
  • What is the best chemotherapy agent for your tumor?
  • What does the circulating tumor cell evolution look like after the initial chemotherapy stage?
  • Haven’t they developed resistance to the current treatment and require a new one?
  • What is the situation of tumor cells during the maintenance treatment?
  • What is the relapse risk?

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