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Services: Marketing & Medical

We are quick to adapt to the technological and legal advances and we identify the methods leading to actual results.
We work closely with our customers to offer innovating processes and frameworks, including:
  • Market research and prelaunch activities
  • The draw-up of strategic brand plans
  • The identification of positioning opportunities and key messages
  • The development of the marketing materials
  • Prognosis models
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • The formation of opinion leaders
  • Medical trainings
  • Conferences
  • The implementation of the marketing strategy
The goal of the marketing department is to develop our sale team’s skills and the abilities to interpret the dynamic market trends and provide optimum solutions in relation to the customers. The Medical Department connects the various registration, assessment and price registration procedures, as well as the inclusion on the subsidized medication list. Due to its position, the Medical Department acts according to the current standard operating procedures, to the local and international legal provisions. From this point of view, they take all required measures to make sure the legal provisions are observed, of course, with suitable legal counseling.
The activities of the Medical Department are:
1. 1. Medicine registration; Registration, re-registration, variations, PSURs
2. Price registration / medicine subsidizing: draw-up and submission of the price dossier, compilation of the dossier for the inclusion of the product on the subsidized medication list, monitoring and authorization renewal
3. Supporting the Marketing Department: Medical information, advertising materials, collection of medical information
4. Ensuring the quality and quality control, the intellectual property rights, patents and trademarks
5. Ensuring the pharmacovigilance activities in the distribution of medication
6. Relation with the authorities:
     National Medicine Agency
     Ministry of Health
     Ministry of Health for the Pharmaceutical Division
     The Romanian College of Physicians
     The National Health Insurance Fund
     Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks

Services: Sales

Our sales team is our company’s interface with our customers, whether they are medical doctors, pharmacists, patients or relatives. The company’s values are shared by all employees and they underpin the selection criteria. Whether they are talking to medical doctors or physicians, the sales team aims at guaranteeing customer satisfaction and developing a long-term relation.

We are always up to date with the information on the progress in our fields of business and, in turn, we inform our customers on the options they have with regard to prevention and treatment, linked to efficiency, and with regards to monitoring. We activate in specialties such as oncology, obstetrics & gynecology, transplantation, ICU, cardiology, endocrinology, surgery, nosocomial infections and we have a portfolio of customers fostering the development of a portfolio of top products and services.

Services: Distribution

We work with one of the most important retailers in Romania, with 7 subsidiaries throughout the country, and we join hands to deliver timely and at high quality standards. We are able to deliver the goods within less than 2 hours for counties with subsidiaries and within 24 hours for the rest of the country.